יום שלישי, 24 ביולי 2012

assign-net on a summer's reading

Dear mr. cattanzara,
Before our conversation 15 years ago I was a different person than the person I am now.
I could barely read, I did not have a job, I lived at the expense of my sister and my father, I'm not finished school and as a result of these all my life I lived in shame, shame that people will realize what a miserable life I had.
But today after 15 years I want to tell you that thanks to the enlightenment you made me, I became another person, a better person.
Today not only I can read, I wrote a book, I became a writer.
In fact, reading became my whole life, until I met my wife, Rose, and where do you think I met her,at the library.
Today I live in my own house with my wife and my two children.
I wanted you to know my son's name is called on your name, just so you understand that you had a significant person in my life.
Nothing in the world can not describe my gratitude to you!!!


Mrs. Ramsay-VII

                                        Mrs. Ramsay-VII

One evening I sat with Mr. Kelada and a few others around the table.
Then they started talking about pearls, because of that my face blanched.
Mr. Kelada began to tell us about his extensive knowledge about pearls and my husband thought he could take the opportunity to humiliate Mr. Kelada.
I was hoping now body will "put" me in the conversation, but suddenly Mr. Kelada turned to me and told me these pearls will not be worth less than they are now.
Of course I put the necklace write away in to my shirt in hopes it would be forgotten and no one will think about feats.
Unfortunately, my husband thought I was wearing a really cheap pearls and he wanted to prove that Mr. Kelada does not understand anything about pearls.
So my husband asked him how much he think my necklace Worth, Then I began to be under great pressure and I realized that the chances that my husband will realize what I had done very large.
I hoped Mr. Kelada would think they were cheap and maybe things will work out but Mr. Kelada knew exactly how much the pearl are worth but my husband did not understand that I lied to him, so he laughed and said to Mr. Kelada the lies I told him and he was sure that defeated Mr. Kelada.
I felt like the world was about to collapse in front of me, I just wanted to go back and fix what I did but it was too late.
Mr. Kelada did not give up and kept in mind.
Of course they mingled with that so I knew that I was going to pay for my lies.
I immediately tried to end this disaster and tried to convince my husband to cancel the bet I tried not to show the pressure and smiled some more but my husband did not give up and wanted to bet on it, I was hoping that it will be impossible to prove it for sure and I asked about it and unfortunately, Mr. Kelada was supposed to check it and he indeed know what he does.
My husband asked me to bring the chain to Mr. Kelada, I almost gave up in to  the pressure and I tried to lie I can not open the chain but my husband did not give up and opened it him self and handed it to Mr. Kelada.
While Mr. Kelada Test the chain, I almost gave in to pressure and my face became pale, so I have almost run out of air, and then Mr. Kelada after examining the chain caught me with his eyes, and I was so petrified when he looked at me, I begged him to just lie for me with looks.
To my great surprise Mr. Kelada said he was wrong and these pearls indeed fake, I was completely shocked.
Mr. Kelada brought my husband $ 100 and his hands were shaking.
I just wanted to escape this meal before he decides to to regret this generous act he did for me.