יום רביעי, 10 באוקטובר 2012

the speaker's speech at his 80's birthday

The Speaker's Speech at his 80 th Birthday
Well, today I'm actually 80 years old, how quickly the time passed.
I passed a whole life, and now I look back with pride and without regret for the choices I chose in my life, even if these choices are choices that the majority did not choose.
Thanks to these choices I have the life that I have and I can tell something that many people can not: I did it my way!
One of the central dilemmas of my life was 60-65 years ago.
I was very young and only at the beginning of my life.
This was the period after the high school when everyone is looking for jobs and start their life.
I, unlike my friends, instead of going to work I wanted to go to college and get ahead in the medical field (at the time it made more sense to go to work than to continue to learn).
Even my parents wanted me to go look for a job just like everyone else, but I did not give up, after many convinces for my parents finally I convinced them.
I took all my savings and paid them to learn in medical school.
10 years later I became one of the most successful doctors in the country.
All this because I went the way I wanted to go, even though the rest were in "acceptable" I went to the least acceptable and why I got where I am today.
Therefore I tell you, follow the path you want to go, not the way they want you to go!